Barb’s Buddies

Barb’s Buddies gives gift cards to children in foster care during Foster Care Month in May.

For some of these children, this is their first experience in a bookstore. For others, this is a time when they have a chance to choose something for themselves and to call something their own, which can be taken to any home they go to in the future.

80 teens in Alaska receive Barb’s Buddies kits to celebrate National Foster Care Month in May 2022!

We’re expanding in 2022! We first started in Illinois where the organization is based and where Barb called home. We then continued to Arizona followed by Wisconsin where Barb was born. Now we’re excited to announce we’re sending kits to Alaska, Barb’s favorite vacation destination!! 80 teenagers will be receiving a bookstore gift card in helping them find their new favorite book!

In 2020 & 2021, Fifth Third Bank in Burr Ridge has generously donated $500 to Barb’s Buddies. We are grateful for their support and friendship.

In May 2021, We Are Creed shared gift cards and journals to 130 children in Northern Illinois with our connection to Our Children’s Homestead and 50 children in Dane County Foster Care in Wisconsin.

In 2020, We Are Creed gave 180 gift cards to Barnes & Noble by working with Our Children’s Homestead throughout northern Illinois and with Dane County Foster Care in Wisconsin. Due to COVID, our Arizona program is on hold as these children live in a group home.

In January 2020, our program was renamed in honor of a great supporter and friend, Barb Dabrowski, who lost her battle with lung cancer.

In 2019, We Are Creed gave 180 gift cards for bookstores to children in foster care. These cards were given to 130 children in northern Illinois and 50 near Surprise, Arizona.