Friends of Ellie

Friends of Ellie will be donating journals, bookseducational materials, and more to children’s hospitals In Memory of our friend, Ellie. Please consider reading more about Ellie!

Donations to support Friends of Ellie:

Despite creating this program in April 2021, the logo was officially approved by Ellie in October 2022. In November 2022, Friends of Ellie will send journals, books, backpacks, and more to St. Louis Children’s Hospital and MU Children’s Hospital In Memory of Ellie.

In August 2023, OSF Children’s Hospital of Illinois (Peoria) and Children’s Mercy Hospital (Kansas City) were the recipients of books, journals, games, sensory activities, and art supplies.

We look forward to supporting more children in hospitals!

Before the logo was finalized, we sent journals to:

  • Comer’s Children’s Hospital (Chicago, IL)
  • Shriner’s Hospital (Greenville, SC)
  • Prisma Health Children’s Hospital (Columbia, SC)
  • Rutledge Youth Foundation (Springfield, IL) – a foster care organization