Book Flood Program

In Illinois, South Carolina, Arizona, and now Michigan, we ask for nominations of teachers to receive at least 30 books for their classrooms. The nomination process begins in mid-April and ends the Friday before Memorial Day; nominations are reviewed and selected teachers are notified no later than June 1st; teachers are to send their wish lists to us no later than June 15th.
In August, we invite these teachers to lunch where we share their books!
If you are a nominated teachers, PLEASE respond to our email with extra information about you and your classroom. This will help us immensely in the decision-making process (not that your nomination doesn’t help but this adds so much!).

This program was created because we, as teachers, know how buying books for a classroom can be a burden financially. We do want to relieve some of this stress on teachers and the Book Flood does just that!

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