Volunteer Spotlight: Jen

Please help us in saying Happy Birthday Month, Jen!! (Her birthday was last week.)

Jen has been a wonderful friend and volunteer to our organization. Not only did she grab cards to write to kids for Barb’s Buddies (and had her kids help decorate), but she searches for opportunities to help. When she saw books we were asking for were on sale through the book orders at her school, she ordered multiple copies for our collection!

She even goes the extra mile when it comes to talking to the manager at Chipotle when she realized she was at the other LaGrange Road location and not at our fundraiser. Because of her, they were able to add their count to our fundraiser and set a precedent for a few others that arrived in the restaurant.

We appreciate Jen’s generosity and support in Creating Remarkable Effects Every Day!

For information on creating postcards for children, please go to: www.wearecreed.org/volunteer