Volunteer Spotlight: Deborah

Deborah has been a wonderful friend and volunteer to our organization. Every time we send a newsletter, she writes back with encouraging words, which we like to hear, and she always reminds me of us the good work we’re doing!

Further, she signs up for creating notecards and has hers back in a timely manner — like all good former teachers do! While she claims her handwriting isn’t the best, she always looks for inventive ways to help. In fact, she even found positive stickers that she attached to the note cards. With such encouraging words, we had enough to give to the GirlForward Mentoring program, because we loved the gesture and thought so much!

We appreciate Deborah’s generosity and support in Creating Remarkable Effects Every Day!

For information on creating postcards for children, please go to: www.wearecreed.org/volunteer