Teacher Appreciation Gift

Our model shows off the Teacher Appreciation bags we dropped off this week!

A couple of weeks ago, a small group of donors, wishing to remain anonymous, paid for the items, including a gift certificate for The Highland Queen Drive-In (yum!).🍦All we had to do was help make this happen, use our logo, and coordinate the delivery to 100 teachers…so we said yes!

When asked why they were giving these gifts to teachers, one responded, “This is a tough year for everyone involved. As friends of teachers, we’re seeing the hours of planning, learning new technology, changes in schedules/courses/students happen regularly, and more. Whether in-person, hybrid, or online, classrooms have been forced to change and hope that technology does what it’s supposed to for all students and teachers all the time. It’s going to be rough, but we hope teachers know how much we appreciate them!”

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