GirlForward Book List

In April, we’re providing books to GirlForward, and we wanted to make sure you were aware of how we’re supporting this organization.

While you’re welcome to purchase items from bookstores and deliver, our Amazon GirlForward Book List can be found at:

Where did the books and pajamas go?

We Are Creed donated our Good Night, Sleep Tight Kits to the Pillars Community Health Constance Morris House. Each child and adult surviving domestic violence was gifted a book, a set of pajamas, a mug and hot chocolate, and some candy for Christmas Eve 2018.

In January, we sent Good Night, Sleep Tight kits to a family whose entire home was destroyed in a fire.

As with most of our programs, we are unable to share pictures of our work due to privacy concerns for minors and victims.

We look forward to expanding our programs throughout 2019!