Update: Barb’s Buddies

Update on Barb’s Buddies:

Wisconsin: On Monday, 50 kits were delivered to Dane County Foster Care. Children in Wisconsin received their $25 gift card, a We Are Creed mug, and candy in their bag. Big thanks to Kristen for running this program!!!

Illinois: This coming Monday, 130 gift cards and notes will be delivered to Our Children’s Homestead for children throughout Northern Illinois. (For safety reasons, other trinkets or candy will not be included this year.)

Arizona: Eventually, our AZ group will help take 50 kids to the bookstore when they feel it’s safe. Since the children live in group homes and COVID rates are high, this adventure has been postponed. Luckily, several boxes of gently used books from IL made their way to Sunshine Residential Homes in February.

This means in 2020, a total of 230 children in foster care will be/have been offered the opportunity to experience a bookstore where they can choose their own books and enjoy some summer reading. For some, this starts the journey to be lifelong readers.On behalf of We Are Creed, thank you to our organizers, donors, note writers, and everyone making this possible!!

We think Barb Dabrowski is smiling down on us as we continue to be Creating Remarkable Effects Every Day.

March Volunteer Spotlight: Kristen Bernards

March’s Volunteer Spotlight is on Kristen Bernards!

In late February, Kristen sent us a request to expand Barb’s Buddies into Wisconsin — complete with a plan of action! The Board unanimously approved her request and within days of publishing the post, she reached her fundraising goal!

As a result of Kristen’s desire to honor her Aunt Barb, 50 children in Dane County Foster Care will receive a gift card to Barnes & Noble to celebrate National Foster Care Month. By giving these children the opportunity to find books they want and books they’re interested in reading, we hope to be creating lifelong readers.

We are so thankful that Barb led Kristen to be Creating Remarkable Effects Every Day!

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Barb’s Buddies is headed to Wisconsin!

The We Are Creed Board approved a request by Kristen, Barb’s niece, to expand Barb’s Buddies into Wisconsin! We are so excited that Kristen’s goal is to reach another 50 children with this wonderful program so please consider donating!

For National Foster Care Month, these children will receive a $25 gift card to a bookstore, a mug, candy, and a handwritten note showing the child they are appreciated, supported, and recognized by a member of their community. For some, this may be the first bookstore experience they’ve ever had.

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