Book Recommendation: Amari and the Night Brothers

A friend recommended this book, which is also becoming a movie, so I decided to read it since she knows the writer. I like the idea of being a couple of degrees away from an author! I

t’s listed as a book for Grades 3-7 or for ages 8-12, but as an adult, I really enjoyed it! Equal parts fantasy and coming of age, this book has a real and likable main character, Amari.

Growing up in Atlanta’s projects, Amari goes to school on a scholarship, but her classmates mock her social status and her missing brother. She hopes for things to change when she’s nominated for the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs, but things are not much different in this other world. Her mission still focuses on finding her brother, but to excel, she must conjure up all the courage she can!

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– Recommended book by Stephanie, We Are Creed President

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