Amazon Smile Instructions

Thank you for wanting to choose We Are Creed as your Amazon Smile charity of choice! Every quarter, we receive a percentage of purchases, which allows us to buy more books for kids so we greatly appreciate your help.

First, try this link to see if it works automatically to set-up your Amazon Smile account:

If that link doesn’t work, follow these instructions for how to set-up Amazon Smile:

  1. Go to
  2. On your first visit, you will be asked which charity you’d like to support.
  3. Look for We Are Creed in Burr Ridge, IL.
  4. If you’ve already chosen a charity, it will show up below the search bar on your desktop.
  5. From that point on, please shop at (If you are buying off of a Wish List, put the items in your cart and then go to www. to ensure the charity is supported.)

If there are any questions, please email us at Thank you!