2020 SC Book Flood is Filled!

Our SC Book Flood Lists are filled! Check out the great titles that are headed to teachers in South Carolina (even if the classrooms look a little different). We greatly appreciate all the donations, likes, shares, comments, etc. Teachers are greatly appreciated (mainly because our program is full of current and former teachers)!

Ms. Carter chose some fantastic books for her high school Science classroom. Everyone that we talked to kept saying, “Reading (insert book title) would have helped me so much in Science! Great book!”

Ms. Ennis will now be able to use her personal classroom set of “Le Petit Prince” in whatever way she would like this year as well as increase diversity conversations en francais with some additional choices.

Ms. Summers will use her books to help students understand their emotions, choices, and learn more about animals with her selection. We feel like some adults may benefit from reading from her collection!

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