Lights! Trees! Wreaths! Oh, My!

A few years ago, I unabashedly stole a friend’s idea of a Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt with notes of appreciation.

In December, my family grabs a hot chocolate (or if we’re in Arizona, a peppermint-y ice cream treat) and we pile in the car to wander the streets of the towns around us while singing Christmas music. We pull out that year’s scavenger hunt and scour the side streets until we’ve found all the items on the list while commenting on the decorations we adore. When we find some especially pretty or fun ones, we drop off a thank you note and candy canes in the person’s mailbox so they know their efforts are appreciated.

I love this tradition and look forward to it every year.


For years I drove by decorations and they barely registered. A large display might cause me to stop and stare, but then I would go home and stress about all there was to do before the end of December. I didn’t take the time to enjoy the neighborhood trimmings.

Nowadays lights catch my eye and I have to make mental note of where to go on our Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt Night. When the night arrives, we wander the streets and stay out for an hour or two appreciating the beauty of our world and sharing our appreciation with those that took the time to create this magic.

This puts me in the holiday spirit more than anything else partly because I slow down, enjoy the bonding time with my family, and see my neighbors in a new light (got to love word play, right?).

This year I invite you to join my family and celebrate your community, their decorations, and remember that the holidays should not be rushed but treasured.

  • Written by Stephanie Creed

Want to use our Scavenger Hunt? We change it every year but here is 2019’s!

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